Concrete Paving

Concrete pavements are more economical than one might think. The initial cost of design and construction are becoming more economical as time moves forward. The price index of concrete is considerably more stable over time versus a barrel of crude oil. Concrete pavements can be built quickly under sever traffic conditions and when it comes to maintenance, concrete has a much lower cost.

Applications for concrete paving:

  • Highways, Streets and Roads
  • Parking Lots
  • New construction
  • Rehabilitation of existing roads
  • Conventional Full Depth, Overlays, Pervious and Roller Compacted


  • Salisbury By Pass
  • I-795 rehab
  • I-70 at Market Street
  • Overlay projects (turn lanes, intersections, MD 210, MD 50 at MD 301, MD 355 at MD 27)
  • Pervious Concrete Park and Ride Lots


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