Insulated Concrete Forms

ICF1Benefits of ICF Buildings

For nearly half a century, leave-in-place Insulating Concrete Forms have proven themselves as a premier, high-performance wall system, offering superior economic, environmental and durability benefits.
Today, as more and more commercial building owners, architects, contractors, lenders and investors discover the cutting edge value of ICFs, a 30+% annual growth makes it the most rapidly expanding building system in the U.S. ICFs use rigid foam insulation to form and encase concrete walls, like a concrete sandwich with insulating foam in place of the bread. On the job site, interlocking ICF blocks or panels are assembled, with nearly the ease of children’s blocks, and held in place at a desired thickness with engineered ties. Reinforcing is often added, then concrete is poured in the cavity. Along with systems for easy mounting of finishes and channeling of utilities, the insulation remains in place with the concrete to provide ICFs’ advanced economic, thermal, safety, environmental and comfort benefits.

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